WFN #8 – Spin Your Web

Same3Guys Words from Nerds

Nerd News of the Week

BSG Finale

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 announced

  • copy/paste, MMS
  • push notification scaled out
  • search across the iPhone

Main Topic

So you wanna setup a website?

How do you get started? What are your options?

Free alternatives:

  • your ISP may already provide you with a free page
  • blog sites (Blogger,
  • Windows Live & Office Live


  • buy a domain name (GoDaddy, for example)
  • buy a hosting package (space, bandwidth, features like email and databases)
  • build a site using a design tool (high end DreamWeaver, for example)
  • use a CMS (TypePad, Expression Engine, WordPress)

Nerd Site of the Week

  • We Follow – a Twitter directory that tracks people with the biggest following

Links from this episode:

Poll of the Week

  • Are you on the web?

Movie Quote of the week

  • “Come over here and fight like a man!” – Big Trouble in Little China