WFN #26 – Twitter Withered

Same3Guys Words from Nerds

Twitter gets attacked, FaceBook makes headlines with an acquisition and we debate the pros/cons of using Apple’s Time Capsule for backups. Thanks for listening!

Twitter Withered


  • FaceBook acquired FriendFeed last week. It’s unclear what will become of the content aggregator service.

Blu-Ray coming to iTunes?

  • Say it ain’t so, Cupertino! Rumors persist that iTunes 9 will include two new features: one is social networking integration and the other is support for Blu-Ray.

Time Capsule?

  • Tom is giving serious thought to snagging a Time Capsule for his home network. The new version includes a 1TB and a 2 TB option. It gives you gigabit networking, wireless N, USB printer sharing and support for Time Machine backups, including wireless for your MacBooks. We debate the pros/cons of going this route.

One Second After

  • Here’s a link to the book that Tom mentioned during the show.

Movie Quote of the Week

  • Matt: It’s a fire sale.
  • John McClane: What?
  • Matt: It’s a fire sale.
  • Bowman: Hey! We don’t know that yet.
  • Taylor: Yeah, it’s a myth anyway. It can’t be done.
  • Matt: Oh, it’s a myth? Really? Please tell me she’s only here for show and she’s actually not in charge of anything.
  • McClane: Hey, what’s a fire sale?
  • Matt: It’s a three-step… it’s a three-step systematic attack on the entire national infrastructure. Okay, step one: take out all the transportation. Step two: the financial base and telecoms. Step three: You get rid of all the utilities. Gas, water, electric, nuclear. Pretty much anything that’s run by computers which… which today is almost everything. So that’s why they call it a fire sale, because everything must go.
  • – Live Free or Die Hard