GameTime Cleveland #18: Browns' Draft

Same3Guys GameTime Cleveland

The 2010 NFL Draft has come and gone. What did the Browns do? Did they improve the team or are there still major holes? Did they find their franchise QB? What happened around the NFL? We’ve got you covered this week with an all-NFL edition of GameTime Cleveland. It’s game time!

1st Quarter: The Browns picked CB Joe Haden with pick #7 in the 1st round. A good move?

2nd Quarter: Safety T.J. Ward and RB Montario Hardesty were the picks in Rd 2. And the Browns take Colt in Rd 3.

3rd Quarter: The rest of the Browns draft. 1/2 offense. 1/2 defense. Who’s going to catch the balls?

4th Quarter: Broncos surprise everyone with the pick of Tim Tebow in Rd 1. And Clausen lasts until Rd 2. What’s going on??