IT Pro Show #12: 10.04.2010

Same3Guys IT Pro Show

Tech News:

  • Cisco’s Bates resigns to become CEO at Skype
  • IPv6 plan to upgrade all federal Web sites and e-government services
  • Organization to use new name LibreOffice, unless Oracle donates the brand
  • IBM High School, grades 9 – 14 and an Associate Degree
  • HP CEO from SAP Leo Apotheker?
  • Microsoft downgraded ahead of WinPhone 7 launch
  • Win Phone 7 on launches 10/11
  • LG delays tablet, Android 2.2 not good enough
  • BluRay at 17% of homes, who cares?

Tech Bookshelf:

  • Power: Why Some People Have It – and Others Don’t –  Jeffrey Pfeffer
Tech History:
  • we gave the history section the week off because nothing felt tech-worthy this time around 🙂