IT Pro Show #23: 12.27.2010

Same3Guys IT Pro Show

We take a look back at the big stories from 2010 in enterprise IT. Happy New Year everyone!

The Year in Review:

  • The race for Storage supremacy (EMC bought Data Domain & Isilion, HP outbid Dell for 3PAR, then Dell bought Compellent)
  • Cloud, cloud, cloud: forecast is stormy; Azure, Office365, LotusLive, Amazon, monster IBM machines
  • Virtualization (even the free ones) continued to be everywhere. Coming to a client near you soon?
  • Ray Ozzie left Microsoft
  • Oracle vs HP (Mark Hurd)
  • Oracle and Sun versus salesforce and
  • Intel bought McAfee for $8B (and the EU balked)
  • Chrome browser with Group Policy and MSI installer
  • HTML5 is growing and war against IE6 and Flash and royalty-free H.264
  • the war on power: Intel CPUs, Apple A4; datacenter power and cooling
  • products: iPad and Google Nexus One and Windows Phone 7; while Blackberry sales down 73% in a year from Verizon