IT Pro Show #24: 01.03.2011

Same3Guys IT Pro Show

Tech News:

  • jBoss app server hits Java EE 6
  • InfoWorld and Forrester Research publish 2010 EA awards
  • trouble in Cloud City: BPOS data breach
  • 1000-core CPUs
  • and a fly-wheel generator
  • while mainframe expertise in demand,
  • the Russia leader orders federal gov to GNU/Linux
Conference Calendar:
Conference When/Where
IBM Lotusphere Jan 30 – Feb 3
Orlando (Dolphin/Swan, WDW)
IBM Impact

April 10-15
Las Vegas
Storage Networking World Spring April 4-7
Santa Clara, CA
Adv Earlybird Reg ends Jan 14

Tech Bookshelf:

  • Dilbert on 30 years of industry experience