Words from Nerds 141: Entertainment Tech

Same3Guys Words from Nerds

Happy New Year! We’ve talking about home entertainment tech this week as we enjoy the features in our DVRs, TVs and mp3 libraries these days.

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Entertainment Tech:

  • Mike: DirecTV Home Media Center (HR34 w/5 tuners), RVU from Samsung
  • Updating the firmware on your TV: Cool!
    • online or USB
    • register with manufacturer (found newer firmware than was available online)
  • TWC: pros and cons, including the DVR UI and the iPad app.
  • U-verse: pricing, all digital, good UI, shared DVR architecture?
  • Get your iTunes library to your entertainment ctr (Audio Galaxy)
  • Other cool iPod Touch and iPad with Apple TV setups.

This Week in Nerd History:

  • January 3, 1870 – The construction of the Brooklyn Bridge begins.
  • Jaunuary 7, 1904 – The distress signal “CQD” is established only to be replaced two years later by “SOS“.
  • January 2, 1920 – Isaac Asimov born, author of I, Robot.
  • January 5, 1933 – Golden Gate Bridge construction begins.
  • January 3, 1977 – Apple Computer is incorporated.